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Def Note is a Mexican American independent hip hop artist from Los Angeles, CA.
Def has always lived on the edge of opposing worlds. A diligent and smart student who spent his afternoon in the streets. This would lead to being arrested, losing friends to incarceration, being shot, and having a friend literally die in his arms; All while attending a local university and graduating with a degree.
While in the University, he was introduced to the independent hip hop scene by landing an internship at the early phase of what would become one of the most successful independent hip hop labels of all time, Funk Volume.
Toeing the line between pursuing his own hip hop career and focusing on a more traditional path, Def has never stopped dreaming. Releasing a few tracks a year for the last few years; always lacking consistency, due to the responsibilities that befall every adult.
Tired of standing at the edge! Tired of listening to others say what can and can’t be! Tired of wondering what could be! Def has decided to go all in! Focusing on consistency, Def is releasing music and music videos once a month during 2022 in hopes of getting the answer to a question we’ve all asked ourselves... Can dreams come true?
Down For Whatever
Music Video Out Now!

Listen to  Def Note on your favorite digital platforms! New Music and Music Videos released regularly! 

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